Wednesday, July 7, 2010

about me

a repost. original entry was from multiply posted last oct. 21, 2007.


1. I played a neighborhood kid in the kiddie show "Kalye Sesame" (It was later renamed "Batibot").
2. My supastah wannabe occupation is a plus-size model. I also have my stand-up comedienne routines ready.
3. I have moments when I obsess on sharpening pencils or crayons. I even like it if I can sharpen both ends until they touch (think diamond-shaped pill).
4. My other irrational preoccupation is watching how the wax of a lighted candle melts...and meddling with it if it doesn't melt evenly.
5. I got my fascination for the French language from my mom and got interested in Greek Mythology because of my dad.
6. Unfortunately, I do not like having pets. Animal visitors are ok.
7. I am not fond of powders, hankies, watches and hats. What I am fond of are bottles of nail polish and dangling earrings.
8. Jack of all trades, master of none (due to taking up a lot of summer lessons when I was a kid).
9. I love looking at sketches but can't make one myself. Included in my list of other visual arts that I like: paintings, sculptures, architecture, interior design, fashion design, photography
10. I used to sell romantic greeting cards to classmates. Entrepreneurial, huh?
11. Teaching is my passion, but it does not necessarily have to be in a classroom. But I still love to be with kids, even the special ones.
12. Barbie was my best friend when I couldn't go out to play because of my asthma. My playmates and I even had story lines.
13. I don't know how to play any musical instrument. The farthest I got was plucking "Black Bird" and tapping the keys for "Chopsticks".
14. "Carebears" was my favorite cartoon show. There was also "Rainbow Brite" and "The Smurfs".
15. I absolutely love Snickers bars. Or any chocolate bar (or piece) with any kind of nut, for that matter.
16. Ballroom dancing is something I am proud I can do. Just don't dip or lift me. Hehehe!
17. I used to think I was adopted since I did not look like my mom. It wasn't in my consciousness then that I must've gotten my features from my dad's side.
18. My relationship with my siblings may not be perfect, but it's great. We laugh, we tease, we joke, we bicker, we tickle...
19. I liked my experiences in school, generally. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't all goody-two-shoes and square.
20. Gardening is not my thing. Plastic foliage suits me.
21. I was drawn to anything occult or paranormal before because of my family history. No, we're no witches. More of psychics or mediums.
22. Famous people I like are the late Pope John Paul II, Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Oprah, Al Pacino, Ellen deGeneres, Conan O'Brien and the late Princess Diana.
23. I used to write poems as an outlet. I have to make time for computerization, pronto!
24. Syringes and laboratory tests don't make me squeamish at all. I even look when the needle goes in.
25. I've done almost everything to my hair, except make cornrows of / braid it and shave it all off.
26. I have a lot of creative ideas when I photograph. It pains me when I am the one photographed and it doesn't look nice.
27. Swings, laughing babies, sunsets, visiting museums, joyrides, and blowing bubbles make me smile.

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