Wednesday, July 14, 2010

idle time

i've been having difficulty blogging these past few days. aside from suffering from my eye allergy *sob*, i've been having a weird case of writer's block. topics have been in and out of my head and i've been drafting for like forever on some of them, but i can't seem to get my groove on fast enough to finish them.

also, i've gotten stuck with my "shoulds" again. since i've been doing fresh posts and reposts alternately, i was stumped when i realized that my repost material is thinning (plus the fact that most were emo and i don't want to go that route yet). another issue was that i wanted to post daily and with my backlog, the total now is 10 posts. but i was insistent on both. so what to do? imagine getting stuck just because of alternate posts... aish! pabo! (korean for idiot)

so yesterday at the office, while waiting for my mom to finish her meeting with some people i work with (we work in the same industry), i drew up a list of my upcoming posts. i wrote a very big "randomness" on the sheet of paper i had, and once again, it worked!

firstly, to satisfy my o.c.-ness for alternate posts, i finally committed to the idea of making picture posts. some friends i've talked to have encouraged me to make some in this blog. also, i was inspired by another friend who posted great pictures he took with only point-and-shoot cameras.  i agree with his idea that you don't necessarily need a dslr to produce amazing pictures. if you have a good eye or a nice concept, having only low-tech equipment should not hinder you from taking a shot. so you'll see some of mine in here in a while and i'll add others in the future, whether mine or of others. right now, i thought of tumblr and had a funny thought of just reblogging cute pictures from wherever, but i digress.

the "randomness" reminder also made me chuckle a bit since the ideas that kept flowing were indeed just that. some of them came from looking at things on my desk or cubicle (paper clip or writing on scratch paper). others were from a ripple effect of those ideas (sheets of paper to doodling to tattoos). looks like i'm on a roll and tonight will fly by so fast XD

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