Friday, July 16, 2010

body art

i've gotten my second ear piercing on my right ear only last year. to some, it came too late. for others, it came as a surprise that i would even consider getting one. i like additional ear piercings. i think of them as additional hooks to where you hang great paintings. it's understandable since i love earrings, especially the dangling ones. piercings on other parts of the body are a different matter. since most of them are using studs, i don't see the beauty in having them on me. but if i'm mistaken, i would appreciate you guys enlightening me on it. :) and take note, i haven't talked about other "benefits" those might have. i'm totally basing this on aesthetics.

another body art thing that i am fascinated with are tattoos. fortunately or unfortunately, i don't have any on me. i actually haven't thought of getting one since it's more complicated compared to ear piercings. sanitary and medical concerns, my pain threshold, where and when to get it, what design i want and should it be colored or just monotone, where in my body should i place it and how big should it be... *dizzy* but i still find them lovely when i watch tv or movies featuring people who have them or when i personally see some people who have them.

there's a certain enigma given off when tattoos are shown in media. this discounts the documentaries or reality shows about them since they're so in-your-face. tattoos shown in tv advertisements as an added conversation piece, the suicide girls on the csi: ny "oedipus hex" episode, ncis' abby sciuto's tattoos, the tattoos in "wanted", "red dragon", "bound", "gothika" - get my drift? i'm also at awe on how people pick their tattoos - what their back stories are. a great example of this is angelina jolie. i love the fact that she has a series of tattoos on her left forearm that have the coordinates of the adoption countries or birthplaces of her 6 children. how neat is that?

to satisfy my urge to have one on me, i've resorted to stick-on or henna tattoos in the past. there were kiddie ones, like tweety bird, and tribal ones, like mandalas or crawling vine-type of design (epic fail here). but my favorite henna tattoo was one of a pixie on my back on my left scapula area. it was so cute! and it left a negative image when the henna wore off - i had a white pixie against my tanned skin.

i think i'll stick to those for a little while longer...


  1. i now have a henna tattoo on my right leg. a first time in my 41 years. hehe!

  2. wow, congrats tita! (am i even supposed to congratulate you on this?!?) hahaha

    pictures please :D


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