Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lost forever

i just want to rant.

i collated my computer files (documents, music, pictures), made copies of them on cds and usbs, and deleted them from the laptop 2 weeks ago. i do this twice a year since i'm o.c. like that. i thought everything went smoothly. but as i was setting up my pic posts here, i realized that i had a folder of my cam whore pics missing. it was from a recent office outing and i had a very nice selca pic. i was at the balcony of our hotel room and was able to capture this:

imagine me at the lower left hand corner of the photo with this as the background. aish! i wasn't able to retrieve it anymore as it had no back up copy anywhere else and that the laptop's recycle bin was emptied recently. *sobs* anyway, be careful everyone! memories can be gone with just a simple click...

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