Monday, July 19, 2010

next 10 updates

continuation of my hodge-podge reposts. i'm also doing this since i want to be reminded of my progress, or regression, on them - an actual example of the process of achieving one's goals.

here's #s 11-20


11. read books - just fixed them over the holy week, sort of inventory (2 mos. in), finished "surreality" by carissa villacorta. will start with anne rice's witch chronicles (4 mos. in), status quo (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

12. financial stuff - an officemate invited me to be involved but haven't had free nights to match their sked (2 mos. in), had attended a public 'symposium' and a private consultation but no follow up meetings yet (inertia from my end) (4 mos. in), bought a manulife freedom 20+ (sort of pension plan) (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

13. diamond peel/teeth whitening - inquired but teeth whitening is expensive so might opt for diamond peel (2 mos. in), diamond peel plans with pie, teeth whitening plans with ate rica (4 mos. in), still plans... (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

14. family vacation - davao, summer sked (2 mos. in), still as suggestions (4 mos. in), none yet. busy skeds (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

15. korean language - learned the korean characters and some basic phrases, can read and write but still wary about the exceptions to the rule. mind you, can read, but can't understand pa (2 mos. in), need to review on the phrases and how to decode faster. "aigoo!" (hay naku!) (4 mos. in), starting to study via youtube. hihi (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

16. retreat - by july (2 mos. in), ld alumni retreat slated for july, might consider rcw at cefam (4 mos. in), enneagram this jan 9-11, on fire on valentine's (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

17. executive check-up - nada... (2 mos. in), to schedule by 3rd week of june if possible (4 mos. in), no funding yet, but much needed... (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

18. mama's facilitating projects - she's enjoying being a stay-at-home mom at the moment (2 mos. in), might replace this with helping out in sped association symposia (4 mos. in), *changed to sped group involvement* haven't contacted ADHD society yet (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

19. baga - 1st meeting after the holy week is on apr 2 (2 mos. in), next one is on june 18 (4 mos. in), realized it's not my cup of tea. no alternative yet (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

20. amazing philippine theater - not inquired yet (2 mos. in), can't seem to find contact details. might check out "the library" in lieu of this (4 mos. in), club mwah plans in 2009 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

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