Thursday, July 15, 2010

save the earth

i have an attachment to scratch paper. if you look at our school supplies cabinet here at home, there are loose sheets from as far off as my college days. i've saved them as scratch paper since the back pages of the leaves can still be used as such. computerized drafts of current reports or hard copies of random downloaded stuff are printed with the whole sheets. i would also tear the sheets into quarters and staple them to make my own memo pad.

i've also carried this in the workplace. numerous pads are lying around on my desk and i don't think they will go away. for one, the rate of printing drafts is faster. secondly, when i use scratch, or any other time for that matter, i write small. an officemate teases me about it since she's so carefree in writing and is not conscious of her usage. she jokes that i'm o.c. and even calls out to others to "marvel" at my being type a about it. but i don't mind coz i admit that i am.

i think i've formed the habit of paper reusing at an early age. during high school, i'd save notebook covers, springs and clean sheets so i can reassemble them as decent notebooks for the next school year. i'd also do away with wrapping the covers of notebooks or school books with cutesy gift wrapping paper that had the popular cartoon characters then. what i'd use were magazine pages that i'd torn off from old magazines. they were either landscapes, or graphic designs (features from articles) or chic ads of popular brands (guess, nina ricci, fendi).

i would also recycle planners as task notebooks (the upgrade of your elementary reminders notebook. hehehe). there was even a planner that i recycled as my planner for the next year. i just changed the days the dates fall on. markers and gel pens do the trick. :D

i think what i should have written was "i have an attachment to paper reusing". i think of it as my very small way of saving the planet.


  1. you got your lola's OC-ness!

  2. tita, that's just one of the manifestations of my oc-ness... and yes, i know it's in the blood XD


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