Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lost forever

i just want to rant.

i collated my computer files (documents, music, pictures), made copies of them on cds and usbs, and deleted them from the laptop 2 weeks ago. i do this twice a year since i'm o.c. like that. i thought everything went smoothly. but as i was setting up my pic posts here, i realized that i had a folder of my cam whore pics missing. it was from a recent office outing and i had a very nice selca pic. i was at the balcony of our hotel room and was able to capture this:

imagine me at the lower left hand corner of the photo with this as the background. aish! i wasn't able to retrieve it anymore as it had no back up copy anywhere else and that the laptop's recycle bin was emptied recently. *sobs* anyway, be careful everyone! memories can be gone with just a simple click...


i've actually learned of monet from titanic. one of his paintings was shown as a part of rose dewitt bukater (kate winslet)'s family's art collection. they brought it aboard and she showed jack dawson (leo dicaprio) the painting as a segue into asking him to sketch her.

i'm not such a hard-core art studies fan that i know the ins and outs of it. i just appreciate art very much. and on paintings, one of the movements that i am fond of is impressionism. the short, "broken" strokes, particularly in monet's works, appeal to me as they evoke more emotion than the "reality" of the scene.

this is my favorite claude monet painting. it's the "le jardin de monet, les iris" (irises in monet's garden), 1900 and it's at the musee d'orsay in paris. i love the colors in it and it gives off a cheery feel. :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

last 10 updates

last leg of these update reposts. i actually chucked doing anything about the list when 2009 came. when i look back at this i only say tsk! to myself...

next up, #s 21-30


21. reconnecting - talked to tina, will text ruffy and sol, looking forward to shs batch reunion (2 mos. in), aiming to contact pat, topher, pao, rheena, sol, shs and psych people (4 mos. in), ym with sol, messaging in multiply with different friends, hung out with hs kada, lex, bfi pips & college kada (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

22. another racket/business - no tutorials for summer, planning on bringing ilocos longganisa and bagnet (from batac) to manila (2 mos. in), fixing my tutorial sked, itching to go to ilocos to get the business started (4 mos. in), minimal tutoring, parked the ilocos longganisa business to study it further (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

23. meeting friends of friends - there have been opportunities but only a few so far (2 mos. in), status quo (4 mos. in), rare occasions, have speed dating plans (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

24. pampering treatments - not yet stabilized (financial constraints) (2 mos. in), plan to visit this month (4 mos. in), onto my next round (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

25. ld manual - di pa (2 mos. in), have started (4 mos. in), module 2 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

26. donate blood - this too (2 mos. in), by june 14 at ever gotesco commonwealth (red cross for san lazaro hospital aids patients) (4 mos. in), when i get really well from coughs (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

27. communicate deeper with God - reverted to rosary and singing along when the ld cd is on. currently in desolation (2 mos. in), have been distracted so much this summer (4 mos. in), resorted to listening to songs in the meantime (added a lot of them in my mp4) (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

28. go ice-skating - nope. anybody interested to join me? (2 mos. in), with tina too (together with the imax plan) (4 mos. in), 2009 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

29. ld faci pool - super ok! (2 mos. in), anticipating the next ld weekend for this (4 mos. in), shared in ld 74 but skipped faci-ing in ld75 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

30. writing thoughts on paper / blogging - started with blogging, struggling with my gratitude journal (2 mos. in), no pen-to-paper contact yet (4 mos. in), have been more frequent for q4 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

next 10 updates

continuation of my hodge-podge reposts. i'm also doing this since i want to be reminded of my progress, or regression, on them - an actual example of the process of achieving one's goals.

here's #s 11-20


11. read books - just fixed them over the holy week, sort of inventory (2 mos. in), finished "surreality" by carissa villacorta. will start with anne rice's witch chronicles (4 mos. in), status quo (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

12. financial stuff - an officemate invited me to be involved but haven't had free nights to match their sked (2 mos. in), had attended a public 'symposium' and a private consultation but no follow up meetings yet (inertia from my end) (4 mos. in), bought a manulife freedom 20+ (sort of pension plan) (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

13. diamond peel/teeth whitening - inquired but teeth whitening is expensive so might opt for diamond peel (2 mos. in), diamond peel plans with pie, teeth whitening plans with ate rica (4 mos. in), still plans... (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

14. family vacation - davao, summer sked (2 mos. in), still as suggestions (4 mos. in), none yet. busy skeds (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

15. korean language - learned the korean characters and some basic phrases, can read and write but still wary about the exceptions to the rule. mind you, can read, but can't understand pa (2 mos. in), need to review on the phrases and how to decode faster. "aigoo!" (hay naku!) (4 mos. in), starting to study via youtube. hihi (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

16. retreat - by july (2 mos. in), ld alumni retreat slated for july, might consider rcw at cefam (4 mos. in), enneagram this jan 9-11, on fire on valentine's (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

17. executive check-up - nada... (2 mos. in), to schedule by 3rd week of june if possible (4 mos. in), no funding yet, but much needed... (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

18. mama's facilitating projects - she's enjoying being a stay-at-home mom at the moment (2 mos. in), might replace this with helping out in sped association symposia (4 mos. in), *changed to sped group involvement* haven't contacted ADHD society yet (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

19. baga - 1st meeting after the holy week is on apr 2 (2 mos. in), next one is on june 18 (4 mos. in), realized it's not my cup of tea. no alternative yet (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

20. amazing philippine theater - not inquired yet (2 mos. in), can't seem to find contact details. might check out "the library" in lieu of this (4 mos. in), club mwah plans in 2009 (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

first 10 updates

i'm mixing up the next 3 reposts since they are all updates of my 30/30 list. the originals were posted in multiply last mar 28, jun 9, and dec 16 of 2008.

first up, #s 1-10.


1. scrapbooking - found a clear book, fixed digital pix, no actual scrapbooking action yet (2 mos. in), scouting for materials and scheduling when to do it (4 mos. in), done with 2007, will finish 2008 this xmas break (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

2. savings quota - fallen further behind :'( (2 mos. in), have accepted the fact that it'll be touched to address most of my needs (4 mos. in), onto 50% (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

3. long hair - awkward stage, planning to have it relaxed (2 mos. in), chin-length and curly in the wrong places :( (4 mos. in), shoulder-length and curly in the right places :D (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

4. out of town/cultural - tagaytay c/o ld (2 mos. in), bataan c/o pie, lucban c/o ld, laiya c/o hs kada (4 mos. in), batac c/o isaguirre's, tagaytay c/o ld, boracay c/o hs kada (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

5. driving - no interest yet to read driving books (2 mos. in), my bro's sked is free!!! i feel discussions are better than reading books for this (4 mos. in), nada (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

6. basa - haven't contacted fel about this yet (2 mos. in), might consider rags2riches instead since i can't accommodate basa's weekday skeds... (4 mos. in), *changed to volunteer work* helped out in one of He cares' feeding programs, giving financial aide to the church in the meantime (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

7. exercise - huhuhu!!! haven't made time since illness and holidays (2 mos. in), doing the stepper and aiming for 1-hour 4x a week on it (4 mos. in), badminton every thursday with officemates, stepper on other days (except this dec) (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

8. ddi fsw - not the 1st step daw in faci-ing process, or different path that they see me in. besides, busy project-assisting for korean market (2 mos. in), dropped this already. will find an alternative (career goal) (4 mos. in), opportunity knocked again; will do it in jan!!! (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

9. wardrobe - so far, got 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 tops and a mini skirt ;D (2 mos. in), got hand-me-down blouses, planning to replenish my unmentionables (4 mos. in), bought shoes, bras, and some tops (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)

10. imax - not yet! (2 mos. in), with tina this june (4 mos. in), actual 3d watching in 2009 with tina (2 1/2 mos. after my bday)