Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i've actually learned of monet from titanic. one of his paintings was shown as a part of rose dewitt bukater (kate winslet)'s family's art collection. they brought it aboard and she showed jack dawson (leo dicaprio) the painting as a segue into asking him to sketch her.

i'm not such a hard-core art studies fan that i know the ins and outs of it. i just appreciate art very much. and on paintings, one of the movements that i am fond of is impressionism. the short, "broken" strokes, particularly in monet's works, appeal to me as they evoke more emotion than the "reality" of the scene.

this is my favorite claude monet painting. it's the "le jardin de monet, les iris" (irises in monet's garden), 1900 and it's at the musee d'orsay in paris. i love the colors in it and it gives off a cheery feel. :D


  1. I have a reproduction, and it's the subject of my Reading in the Arts Project. It's wonderful, I inherited it from my grandmother.

  2. hi anonymous! i hope you visit here again so you can read my very belated comment :)

    "reading in the arts" seems interesting. what do you exactly discuss here?

    did you inherit the reproduction? that's a nice heirloom to have :)


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