Friday, July 2, 2010

one more chance

this is a repost from multiply. the original was posted last nov. 25, 2007.


nyahaha! a couple of ld pips and i watched "one more chance" last night. i was in an 'emo' mode (emotional, for those who don't know) after that. i searched for my poem notebook way back when and found this fitting poem.

1995, i was 17 then.

please, paubaya nyo na sakin 'to. hehehe



i thought my life would stay the same
even if you made me cry
i promised not to shed a tear
when you fin'lly said goodbye

i tried to avoid the feeling of pain
that you left in my broken heart
i wanted my life to be whole again
even if i'm torn apart

i wished for my world to be happy once more
although i know it can not be
i hoped that i can face life with a smile
after this painful tragedy

i feel this pain in my heart until now
for i hoped that our parting wasn't true
coz i now realize deep in my heart
that i'm still in love with you

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