Wednesday, July 7, 2010

making a list... checking it twice

a friend of mine once wrote that i liked making lists. it was a question on a survey on how you'd describe your friends using one-liners. i laughed when i saw her answer on that rotating email within our clique. but i wondered if i was so obvious that of all the things, that was the one she picked.

i didn't take it as a bad thing though. come think of it, i am fond of making lists. they're not just the usual to-do lists, or the things-i-want-to-buy or places-i-wanna-go-to type of lists. topics that i was able to think of were varied.

there was a time when i made a birthday list of all the people i know. the calendar was not within my reach so i jotted down the dates on my planner, then filled them up with corresponding names. yes, i was bored and had so much time on my hands that time. tsk!

i also have an unfinished list of songs that represents my 31 years of existence (ok, i'll give you permission to steal this idea. tee-hee!). i picked songs that were important for me that year since it represented how that year had gone, or was the song i loved to sing the most at that time, probably because of an emotional attachment to it. but i can't seem to fill it up. i initially planned that for my 30th birthday but a different list came up.

that particular list was like a bucket list. i blogged about it on multiply so i came up with a title for it - "30 things to do before i hit 30" (you can steal this too ;P). i updated it a lot with how i've been progressing, or regressing for that matter. a lot of people like the idea too; i'm not just so sure if they made lists of their own. since it was posted there, i'll repost it here eventually, but with latest updates or comments on each item.

it's an unusual form of literary outlet, but i like how it supports my wittiness. lists are supposed to be rigid but they make me come up with fun comments at times. as facebook says, "like"!

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