Thursday, July 15, 2010

tape of choice

i grew up an angsty teen, though most of my friends might not have known this side of me. i actually thought no one knew of this since i showed it in the comfort and privacy of my room. but as i was sharing this thought to my brother, he reminded me otherwise. he knows this side of me well. then it dawned on me, "oh yeah! it was our room, not just mine..."

my poems are a good testament to my angst and emo-ness (if this is even a word). but another great indicator was my collection of cassette tapes (yes, i was already alive during those times. haha!). i would pick a cassette tape to play while doing my homework, or while fixing the room, or while writing my poems. i was more into ballads and love songs then, from mariah carey and the corrs to great artists of old, like patti austin and the carpenters. but i had a particular cassette tape when i wanted to get my angst out - alanis morissette's jagged little pill.

if i remember correctly, it was my first cassette tape purchase. i saved up enough money from my allowance, scrimping on lunch money, just so i could get this as soon as possible. i loved all the songs!!! even the ones that were not released or were a little ?!? to me (mary jane). i would unfold the cassette cover to marvel at the pictures or artwork a number times. it eventually got dirty since i would always have it out so i can memorize the lyrics to all the songs. i would play the tape non-stop, put it on a volume where the neighborhood noise gets drowned out, and sing to my heart's content.

i was so ecstatic when i learned that she would have a concert at the big dome. i pleaded to my parents to lend me money so i could buy a ticket. i went with college friends, light stick and binoculars in tow and had a blast! i even saved the clipping of the news article of her concert here and placed it on my scrapbook/photo album as an additional souvenir.

i loved that album so much that i got the acoustic version when it was released to commemorate its tenth anniversary. i lol-ed at "ironic"'s alternative lyrics - beautiful husband. full of win!!!

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