Thursday, July 1, 2010

like a baby

it seems like june was brimming with firsts in my life, much like when a baby has hers. i honestly never took notice of it before. there may have been months wherein more firsts had happened. it's just that now, it has piqued my interest enough for it to be blogged about. it's probably because it's varied and they're close to my heart.

i started my month with my first trip out of the country, not with family, but with a friend. it was a rollercoaster ride since our itinerary would change upto the last minute. we met a lot of friends and i visited family there. i had to be a middleman of pasalubong and chuckled when i realized that only half of my luggage was my stuff. it felt great to be a bearer of good news. :) first time to walk and walk and walk in search of our destinations; first time to pay cab fare with plastic; first time to enter an ikea store *drools*. but the highlight was my first time at universal studios singapore. i absolutely love theme parks! if only a person could live in one, i would. i immensely enjoyed the "return of the mummy" and "jurassic park" rides. again, again!

then, i went to my first kpop concert with my sister. it was sooo fun; we were squealing fangirls!!! and yes, it was u-kiss's "1st kiss concert: live in manila". i delegated the camera-holding to her since i did it a few months ago when we went to their mall tour. i was resolute on absorbing the whole concert experience without distractions, and i did :D first time to hold a lightstick and wave it in sync with the crowd; first time to see myself at a random photo of a concert; first time to be "featured" in a showbiz news clip (it was more of my forehead and a waving lightstick since the girl in front of me was waving her fan board. lol). because of this, i also had my first internet friend (they are now a bunch *hugs*). we enjoy discussing freely about the fandom - fan accounts, pictures, post comments, videos, fan fiction, and i'm happy that our discussions have branched out to include our personal lives. yey to new-found friends!

my latest first is my full bangs. i rarely had bangs in the past since my face is heart-shaped and i was made to believe that bangs are unflattering on me. whenever i had them, they were side-swept bangs and came down to my ears. of late, i've been curious asto what i'd look like with fringes. so i cut it myself last sunday out of boredom. my dad said i look like abby sciuto of ncis. many people tell me, teasingly or admiringly, that i look korean. my sister just asked, "why?!?" i quite like it since it makes me look young~er. nyahaha! but wth!!! when i put on my glasses (i do at work), i effing look like pre-make-over betty la fea. huhuhu! :'( whatever, i've decided to love my bangs. ^3^

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