Saturday, July 17, 2010

bathroom break

this was taken tail end of 2008 at sonia's garden, tagaytay. this is still from a phone camera but a newer one (but not my current one either).

i actually took this in their ladies' room. i was attending a friend's wedding there and went during a bathroom break. i was surprised at how quaint the ladies' room looked. i mostly attribute it to the capiz / mother-of-pearl windows and doors. i wanted to take a picture of the capiz but felt weird about it. so i took a selca (korean term for a cam whoring picture; short for "self camera").

this shows the beauty of the background and my cam whoring skills ;P


  1. i agree! beautiful capiz background and even more beautiful cam whore! haha! for a while i thought those were the capiz panels i gave your mom :)

  2. katch, that was from me, tita ebol. don't know how to post a comment here, daming hinihingi di ko alam...

  3. hi tita! ok lang po kung anonymous. pero at least nakapagpakilala kayo, para better ang reply ko.

    thanks po for the compliments! :)


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