Thursday, July 15, 2010

in bloom

this was taken early last year with a point-and-shoot camera. if i'm not mistaken, this was in vga format.

what do you do while waiting for your order of peanut brittle and ube halaya? why take pictures, of course! :D there was a long line in getting our pasalubong from good shepherd in baguio. so i was roaming around and found this cute patch of flowers. i even surprised myself when it came out nicely. an added bonus was, when i downloaded it to the computer, it looked like a stock photo. those are photos you can use as sample desktop backgrounds, among others. *imaginary pat on the back for myself* it really felt great!


  1. don't discount those VGA phone cams! they're like digital lomos these days. i have a number of my own that were surprisingly pleasant to look at.

  2. the "problem" with ours is that it's jurassic also. anyway, it gives me nice photos so i'm happy. :D


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