Sunday, June 27, 2010

letting my randomness out

i've actually had a lot of attempts at blogging. i tried one at friendster (which, by the way, is deleted now). i also had one at multiply. it was better there since i had interaction with some of my friends on some of my entries. alas, it's (the multiply account) on its deathbed now. the farthest i've gone on facebook are notes and they don't actually count as blogs. i also have an older one here. i created it august of last year but unfortunately, my first post was made last april. i updated with another one 2 weeks after that but i haven't posted since.  i'm doing this now in lieu of that one.

since i do not have the foundation of journaling, i'm not as consistent at posting as i'd want to be. i did have diaries before, even the cutesy ones with various cartoon characters. i also had the ones with locks so that no one could pry on my thoughts for the day, my raves about my crush, or my childish rants about my 'rents and sibs. but i always ended up reading over them after i've stopped writing for about half a year. it pained me when i shredded the pages and threw them away, but i felt weird about only having 6 months of a year recorded, and with seemingly senseless, loose-ended entries at that.

also, i'm a control freak. admittedly, i've been hindering myself from posting stuff because of certain rules i made for myself. so i failed miserably at keeping a blog. (side note: i'll be reposting some of my old blogs here because they need a new abode. one of them is about this topic)

but i've recently learned the secret to my blogging success - being random!!! that's what i do with my posts in the forum that i'm a member of (shameless advertising -; and i must say that i am quite enjoying my interaction with a lot of people there. a word of caution though: it's k-pop (or korean pop)-related. it's about the korean boy band u-kiss, who i love dearly like nephews or cousins. they're a great bunch. check them out! check out the forum as well! i've made friends there who blog too and they've shared that randomness is the way to go. now knowing myself, i believe that this is for me too.

so, let the chaos ensue! hwaiting!!! (that's a korean cheer  - and this is another post altogether) :D

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